Scientific journals
July 2017. The Next Frontier of Innovation After Shales. Application of Artificial Neural Networks in the Oil and Gas Industry. Peter Kaznacheev (EUCERS Newsletter No.66, page 6)
January 2016. A comparison of the roles of privately and state-owned oil companies in developing the Arctic shelf. Peter Kaznacheev, Regina Bazaleva (Energy Exploration & Exploitation)
April 2015 (in Russian). Economic growth and institutional development in the oil and gas countries. (Ekonomicheskiy rost i institucional’noe razvitie v neftegazovyh stranah) P. Kaznacheev, I. Grinets (EKO)
April 2015 (in Russian). Arctic Offshore Exploitation (Regulatory and Tax Regimes for Oil Companies in the USA, Russia and Norway). (Osvoenie arkticheskogo shelfa (Regulirovanie i nalogooblozhenie neftjanyh kompanij v SShA, Rossii i Norvegii)) P. Kaznacheev, R. Bazaleva (Ekonomicheskaya politika)
December 2014. The role of innovative development in unconventional hydrocarbon exploitation in the context of the shale gas revolution in the USA. P. Kaznacheev, I. Grinets (Journal of Social, Political and Economic Studies)
February 2014 (in Russian). Article based on the Resource rents report (Neft_Rossii)