Khaznah Strategies provides services in three main areas:

Commodity market research and forecasting

  • Forecasting prices, supply and demand for natural resources with proprietary models
  • Integrating several forecasting methods, including multi-factor, ARIMA and GARCH models
  • Evaluating the influence of over 100 external industry and macroeconomic factors on each commodity
  • Mapping major price drivers – industry and market indices with the highest influence on the price
  • Assessing political and geopoliticial risks that affect commodity markets
  • Appraising specific greenfield and brownfield projects

Oil & gas artificial intelligence (OGAI © Khaznah Strategies)

  • Advancing machine learning techniques beyond geological information into the area of market analysis.
  • Using neural networks to improve forecasting accuracy
  • Analysing commodity market sentiment with AI algorithms
  • Employing such methods as semantic analysis of news reports and “refined text mining”
  • Integrating Big Data from geological studies into commercial analysis and market research
  • Applying AI methods to corporate planning and strategy

Technical assistance to governments

  • Assisting emerging-market governments in attracting foreign direct investment
  • Helping governments in organising licensing tenders
  • Advising on mineral legislation and simplifying subsoil regulation
  • Supporting the implementation of the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI)
  • Applying blockchain technology to increase transparency of regulation
  • Assisting in digitalising geological information