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03.12.2016 (in Russian). OPEC will reduce oil production. Why does it mean nothing? (OPEK sokratit dobychu nefti. Pochemu ehto nichego ne znachit?) Peter Kaznacheev, Republic
04.10.2016 (in Macedonian). Will oil continue to be the main energy source in the next 50 years? (Ќе биде ли нафтата главен извор на енергија во следните 50 години?), Peter Kaznacheev interview for
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02.10.2015 (in Russian). Lessons from the ’80s. How can the oil economy to survive in periods of low prices. (Uroki 80-h. Kak neftyanye ekonomiki vyzhivayut v periody nizkih cen) Peter Kaznacheev,
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06.03.2015 (in Russian). Shale vs Arctic. The development of the Russian shelf is over before it began. (Slancy vs Arktika. Osvoenie rossiyskogo shelfa zakanchivaetsya, ne nachavshis) Peter Kaznacheev,
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14.10.2014 (in German). “Intelligente Sanktionen des Westen Wirken.” An article by Peter Kaznacheev about Western sanctions and their effect on the energy sector published in Handelsblatt
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20.01.2014 (in Russian). The emergence of new centers of oil and gas production is undermining the impact of the OPEC oil cartel. (Poyavlenie novyh centrov dobyсi nefti i gaza podryvaet vliyanie OPEK kak mirovogo neftyanogo kartelya) Peter Kaznacheev, CEE