Through advising its clients, Khaznah Strategies is actively working to bridge the gap between business cultures and assist business-to-business communication across borders.

We at Khaznah Strategies believe in the role of cross-border and cross-cultural business co-operation in advancing innovation, economic development, prosperity, regional stability and peace.

The word Khaznah which is featured in our name and logo carries a strong cross-cultural meaning. The original word Khaznah means “treasure chest” in Arabic. That word spread throughout the Eurasian and African continents into such languages as Russian, Turkish, Persian, Kazakh, Turkmen, Tatar and even Urdu and Malay and at least another dozen modern languages. Variations of Khaznah have similar meanings: “treasure”, “treasure chest”, or “treasury”.

The word Khaznah and the image of the treasure chest therefore symbolise our commitment to bridging diverse business cultures, the value we bring to our clients, and the prosperity that is generated through cross-border business co-operation.