Presentations & reports
April 2017. International experts Peter Kaznacheev and Nick Coleman to speak at the SOCAR FORUM in Baku, Azerbaijan
11.01.2017. Curse or Blessing? How Institutions Determine Success in Resource-Rich Economies (Peter Kaznacheev, Cato Institute)
07.12.2016. Peter Kaznacheev’s presentation “Oil and gas price forecasting at a time of increased uncertainty. Integrating the latest forecasting techniques and broadening the scope of statistical models”
17.11.2016. Peter Kaznacheev briefs AmCham and CERBA members
VIDEO. 20.10.2016. “Oil price fall – a new opportunity” Presentation by Peter Kaznacheev about opportunities for innovation in energy sector at the economic summit “Macedonia 2025” in Skopje
11.04.2015. “How Innovation is Pushing Down Oil Prices and Increasing Political Pressure on Petro-States to Look for Alternative Ways of Managing Resource Rents”. A presentation by Peter Kaznacheev at the Humboldt University in Berlin
01.12.2013. Resource rents and economic growth report (Peter Kaznacheev)
September 2011. UK Energy Supply: Security or Independence? Supplementary memorandum submitted by Peter Kaznacheev following his testimony at the UK Parliamentary Committee for Energy and Climate Change
15.01.2016 (in Russian). “Oil Zen” and economies of low quotes. (“Neftyanoy dzen” i ekonomika padayushih kotirovok), Presentation of Peter Kaznacheev on the Gaidar Forum 2016
24.09.2015 (in Russian). The economy of falling prices. The experience of public administration in the period of lower oil prices in the first half of the 80s. (Ekonomika padayushih kotirovok. Opyt gosudarstvennogo upravleniya v period snizheniya cen na neft v pervoy polovine 80-h godov), Presentation of Peter Kaznacheev on the Round Table – RANEPA and Petromarket