Welcome to Khaznah Strategies

KHAZNAH STRATEGIES LTD. is a consulting firm that advises corporate and public sector clients with a focus on energy and natural resources.

Since 2009, we have been helping clients evaluate business opportunities, analyse volatile markets, and build strategic partnerships with private and public players. Our primary specialisation is the extractive industries, namely oil and gas, metals and mining, and some related fields, such as petrochemicals and alternative energy. We also use our expertise and contacts to open business opportunities in other sectors.

Low commodity prices are pushing companies and governments to cut costs and increase efficiency. We believe that the key to coping with price volatility is to boost innovation and promote entrepreneurial creativity. Hence, an important element of our mission is facilitating co-operation between businesses, removing barriers to capital and promoting the technological modernisation of extractive industries.

Khaznah Strategies is a boutique consulting firm that adds value by providing advisory services that are specially tailored to the needs of our clients. We provide services in three main areas:

Market research and price forecasting
We build econometric forecasting models for commodity prices, analyse supply and demand for natural resources, use artificial intelligence techniques (neural networks) to build price scenarios, and evaluate political risks and trends in regional markets.
Business origination and market entry
We help investors develop a pipeline of potential acquisition targets and/or greenfield opportunities, evaluate specific projects, conduct due diligence, and liaise with shareholders and government agencies. We also assist in finding co-investors and in deal execution.
Technical assistance to governments
We help emerging market governments attract foreign direct investors to specific projects and assist them in digitalising geological information, organising mineral tenders, drafting subsoil legislation and promoting transparency.

Khaznah Strategies Ltd. is registered in England and Wales as a limited company (registration number 6935983).